How to Survive a Business Process Re-engineering project?

Survive a Business Process Re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering is a difficult task for any organization. To survive a business process re-engineering process both the organization and the employees should give their maximum possible potential. The changes done through BPR projects can create impacts on both physical as well as human resources of an organization. Even though the change is expected in certain areas of the business, it can create an impact on the entire business outcome. In order to survive a Business Process Re-engineering process, both employer and the employee have to find more productive and safe ways to achieve expected results.

When implementing a BPR project, there is a need for more and more training facilities for the employees. This will be helpful in utilizing the necessary skills for adapting to the new situation changes. When introducing new technology as a part of Business Process Re-engineering, training human resources is a must. This will improve the innovative quality as well as the productivity of the employees.

The objective of re-engineering is to increase productivity. It can be one or both physical and human resources. It inevitably creates a pressure situation. The organization has to select the employees capable of working under pressure. They can train the existing employees to face the pressure situation as change is never easy. By assigning the most capable employees, the organization can reduce the employee turnover rate.

The timing of the Business Process Re-engineering is also equally important. If there is a boom in the market, launching a BPR project may deprive the business of the benefits of increasing the market. At the same time, the period of market slash also is not the ideal time to introduce the BPR project because it may aggravate the pressure situation. The organization should identify the best time to change the process and increase productivity. It should not wait until the business opportunity disappears. The point of closing down the business is not the ideal time for a BPR project. Hence, a BPR project should be implemented in a proper time.

The progress of the BPR project should be examined and evaluated at every stage of the process. It is very important to identify the performance results at different intervals. It will help understand whether the business is heading towards set targets or unless otherwise, to take corrective measures. This will help to avoid a waste of time, money and the human effort for a project which does not give expected outcome.

Adaption – key points to consider to survive a business process re-engineering project

In order to Survive a Business Process Re-engineering project implementation, the employees have to get adapted in the following ways.

01. Most important is to be prepared for the change. The change should not be an unexpected one and the employee should have acquired the needed physical and mental skills. This is the main advantage of the training prior to the implementation of the process. Once the organization has fully prepared a set of employees, they can successfully implement the PBR project. In addition, the employees should have the habit of referring the doubt to the supervisors or the seniors in order to run the business smoothly. It will improve the skills as well as avoid any future mistakes.

02. The employees should be given sound background knowledge of the BPR project in advance. It will help minimize the possible flaws and achieve the set targets. They can go through previous case studies of similar types of projects. Apart from that, they can be given a sample training.

03. If the necessary conditions are met, it is important that the employees extend their maximum contribution through innovative ideas. To survive a Business process re-engineering project, employees should be motivated. They should be guided properly to achieve these outcomes. This can e achieved by providing added benefits. Distribution of responsibilities also will be a definite help.

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