February 2020

Market Targeting Strategies : 4 main segments

Market Targeting Strategies

Market segmentation explained how the market should be subdivided into small portions to be more manageable efficiently and effectively. Market Targeting strategies explain how companies evaluate and select the target marketing segment which they can serve best and which they can achieve the biggest profit. When evaluating different market segments to decide the best segment …

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04 Variables of Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation

Buyers in any market can be identified separately based on their needs, wants, preferences, resources, geographical locations, and purchasing power. Through Market segmentation, the large market is divided into smaller, more manageable segments where the organizations can analyze and reach more efficiently and effectively. The organizations can select one or more market segments based on …

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Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )

Customer Relationship Management ( crm )

What is customer relationship management? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about maintaining the organization’s existing and potential customers. The customers should be managed properly using the databases and by maintaining a good relationship. The purpose of Customer Relationship Management is to improve business relationships with customers, create customer loyalty to the brand and increase the …

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Michael Porter’s 4 Generic Strategies

generic strategies

The organizations are operating with the intension of achieving a defined goal. To achieve this goal, driving the organizational activities towards the success is majorly important. To identify the growth opportunities Michael Porter‘s generic strategies can be used in any type of organization. In 1985, through his book “Competitive Advantage” Creating a Sustaining Superior Performance’, …

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BCG Matrix : The 04 elements that define the products in any organization

BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix or the Boston Consulting group’s product portfolio matrix is a tool designed to use in long term strategic planning. This helps organizations to analyze their product portfolio and decide what product should be discontinued, on what product the organization should invest more and what product needs to be developed. This analyzing tool was …

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