May 2021

Business Cycles

Business Cycles

Business cycles can be defined as the regular fluctuations of national output or the aggregate economic activities of an economy. The business cycle affects not only the national output or the GDP but also all the macroeconomic sectors such as level of employment, general price level, sales, and international trade, etc. Business cycle consists of …

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National Income and Growth – The ways to measure

National Income and Growth - The ways to measure

A country’s national income refers to the income earned by the people by contributing factors of production to the production process. This is one of the most important macroeconomic factors which is calculated annually. Macroeconomic studies are carried out annually to evaluate the performance of the economy. National income calculation is one of the criteria …

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Trade Barriers

Trade Barriers

Trade barriers have become one major reason that slows down economic growth. Almost all the countries in the world involve in international trade in different degrees. Goods are imported and exported due to different reasons and trade is interconnected. In international trade, there are different restrictions of which some are natural and the others are …

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