September 2020

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy

Every government has to implement policies to create and maintain economic growth. Two main policies are the monetary policy and fiscal policy. Monetary policy is the actions that are taken by the central bank to control the money supply of the economy to achieve defined macroeconomic goals. Monetary policy is implemented to promote sustainable economic …

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Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy is a common term that has been used in economics as well as in political science. Fiscal policy is the use of government revenues collection such as taxes and government spending to influence the economic conditions in the country. The government revenues and the expenditure are used to influence the macroeconomic variables under …

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Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP): Meaning and Importance

segmentation, targeting, and positioning

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) is one of the most important approaches in the modern marketing concept. When an organization decides about launching a product to the market, they have to pay special attention to market segmentation, targeting, and positioning. The success of any marketing campaign relies on the proper segmentation, targeting, and positioning of …

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