Change Management

ADKAR Change management model

ADKAR Change management model

Change management has quickly become a very important sector in almost all business industries. Since change is vital but difficult to implement, most organizations are maintaining change management teams who deal with change programs that are happening often in the organizations. ADKAR change management model helps the organizations to face the change processes with minimum …

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Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) – An Overview

Technology Acceptance Model

We are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution. As technology is considered the key factor to change the human lifestyle, it is important to identify how well people are adapting to the changing technological advancements. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is an Information Systems theory that shows how well the users of new technology are accepting to …

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Change Management Process in 8 steps

Change is one inevitable thing in the world and it makes no exceptions to the business world.  To face the changes and to surviving in the changing business world, the concept of change management has been developed. When business organizations changing their policies, procedures, and technologies, they have the responsibility of guiding and supporting them …

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Change Management

When an organization changes its policies and procedures employees also have to change their job roles according to the changing organizational policies. Change is usually a difficult thing for any human being. To make the changing process easier the concept of change management has evolved.  Change management is a concept which helps people to adapt …

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