08 Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction

08 Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction

Identifying the factors influencing customer satisfaction is highly important for businesses. No matter what their internal goals and objectives are, the success of any business relies on the level of customer satisfaction it can create for the target market. Since the final purchasing decision is mainly depending on the level of satisfaction the customer is expecting from the product, it is vital for any business organization to identify what can influence the satisfaction level of the customers by using a particular product or a service.

Understanding the factors that can influence customers’ level of satisfaction helps businesses to change and upgrade their strategies to meet the customer expectations from the product. Below mentioned are the main factors influencing customer satisfaction level.

01. Accessibility

No matter how convenient and satisfying the consumption of the product is, it is highly important for the business to make the product available for the customers whenever they want to purchase the product. Customers should have the ability to access the product through their preferred channel with minimum effort and whenever they need to purchase the product.

02. Convenience

Convenience is another majorly important factor to create customer satisfaction. Convenience related to customer satisfaction can be identified as five sub-factors. Customer’s purchasing decision should be convenient to make, accessing the product should be convenient, the benefit that can be gained by the customer through using the product or the service should be convenient, The process of performing the transaction should be convenient and the post-benefits of purchasing the product should be convenient.

03. Identification

There can be many competitive products in the market that looks identical. The business should be able to make the product identifiable and recognizable from all the other products in the market competition. This uniqueness in the product can happen from the outer appearance of the product or added benefits. However, product uniqueness and ease of identification can help the product to achieve competitive advantages.

04. Personalization

Any customer likes to feel valued when purchasing a product or service. Product personalization is an important way of creating a valued feeling for the customer. This can be done by understanding the customer requirements, creating a close business relationship with the customer, and by providing a customized value that can satisfy the customer’s need from the product. Personalization can be mainly achieved from direct marketing of the product.

05. Language

It is important for the customers to understand the product details such as content, serving suggestions, operating instructions, manufacturer details, etc., when deciding to purchase a product. It is identified that more than 50% of the customers are not willing t purchase a new product if they cannot understand the language printed on the product cover. It highlights the importance of using one or more most commonly used languages in the target market with all the necessary product descriptions.

06. Intuition

Customers value companies who can understand their needs well. Some business companies understand their customer needs, expectations and emotions well. They understand the customer and design the product based on the customer’s expectations. This helps the businesses to create a trust-based relationship with the customer and it can lead to long-term brand loyalty.

07. Simplicity

Simplicity is considered the key to creating a satisfied customer base. From the purchasing decision to consumption, the process should be simple and easy to understand by any user of the product. It can help the customers to create a positive impression about the use of the product and helps to increase customer satisfaction.

08. Choice

More choices that can be given by the business to the customer in the purchasing process, the more likely the customer would feel in control of the experience they have with the business organization related to the product or the service. However, it is important to make the customer feel supported to make their optimal choice when offering multiple choices for a product.

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