How to create Brand Loyalty : 05 key methods

Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty is one of the most important achievements any organization could achieve. Since the customers are the most important element in any marketing process, marketers would do anything it takes to attract the customers to their product.

But the question is ‘who is going to buy the product again and again?’

When a product is releasing to the market, the organizations conduct a thorough survey to find the best possible marketing segment for that particular product. Some companies conduct the survey first, identity and unmet need in that market segment and develop a product that can satisfy the unmet need. From the stage of planning the product, organizations should be concentrating on methods to create a repeat customer base and brand loyalty.

Creating brand loyalty is very important for any organization that is planning to survive in the business industry in the long-run. It is easy to sell a product to a customer for the first time. But the hard part is to get the customer to purchase the same product again voluntarily. Organizations should create their strategic plans not only to market the product but also to create brand loyalty for the product.

There are certain methods that any organization can use to create brand loyalty.

01. After Sales – This can be considered as one of the most famous methods of creating brand loyalty. Rather than closing the business deal after the financial transaction, the organization can keep in touch with the customer, provide advisory services to the customer, provide additional benefits even with a little cost. This creates a positive impact on the customer about the product and encourages him to purchase from the same merchant continuously. This method is commonly used for products with high value such as automobile and luxury watches.

02. Added Benefits – Providing added benefits with the primary product is another way of creating brand loyalty. The organization can sell a product to a customer and provide a free benefit or a discounted benefit along with the product can create a repeat customer base. The customer will always return and buy the same product due to the added benefit given. Free service options when purchasing a motor vehicle is a classic example of this.

03. Quality Factor – The most important and effective way of creating brand loyalty is the quality of the product. If the customer can be delighted about the quality of the product and if it satisfies the exact customer need, the customer will not ask for any other reason to purchase the product repeatedly. It will create brand loyalty without much effort and the organization will be able to retain the customer with the product for a long period of time.

Achieving brand loyalty through quality is one of the most effective and successful ways of retaining customers and keeping them obsessed with the brand.

04. Feedback and change – The organizations should always be very keen about what customers are thinking about the brand. They should concentrate on getting customer feedback and change their production processes to satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations. By getting the customer feedback customers also get a feeling of belonging with the product and they will provide better options to create a better product.

05. Deliver Value to the customer – When marketing for a product or when personal selling a product to the customer the marketer always should provide value to the customer. Customers should get a feeling of achievement after purchasing the product. This value feeling will encourage the customer to be loyal to the brand and continue purchasing from the same brand.

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