The Power of Advertising on Consumer Behavior

The Power of Advertising on Consumer Behavior

The power of advertising is considered as one of the key powers that have the ability to attract customers to the product or service. Due to this reason, advertising is identified as one of the most powerful marketing methods that are used by many organizations.  Advertising is a method of communicating with the customers about the product and create interest in the customers to purchase the product or the service. It is considered as one of the most important and vital elements that are necessary for the growth and the survival of the organization as well as the economy.

Advertising is a paid form of exposure to the product details, possibilities, and specialties in a creative way that can arouse customer interest to use the product. The power of advertising is usually considered as a way that is created to convince the customers that the product is capable of satisfying an unfinished requirement of the customer.

Marketers have always experiment and adopt the changing market behaviors, changing customer needs, and requirements and use those changes as a way to get to the customer. The use of advertising has been always popular in the business industry, however, the use of advertising as a way of facing competition and increasing market share has become popular in the 20th century with the beginning of industrialization.

During the late 80s advertising was only limited to television, radio, and newspapers. However, with the increase of globalization and the use of digital media, advertising has become a way of creating global awareness and face competition in the business industry. In the modern world, marketers use all kinds of advertising methods such as television, radio, newspaper, social media, digital boards, and mobile advertising to create customer awareness.

Most importantly, it is identified by the marketers that there are a set of specific ways to reach their target audience. As an example, to advertise a product that is targeted the younger generation, the marketers put more weight on social media and digital advertising. To advertise for a product that is targeted at the elder generation, the marketing team should consider advertising on television, radio, and other traditional advertising methods. This division is created based on the media used by each generation.

The key aim of improving the power of advertising is to create an impact on customer purchasing behavior. Since advertising is considered as the way of creating the first impression of the customer towards the product, it is important to create the best possible impression in the customers. The quality of the product and the other factors comes to play next. This highlights the importance of using the best possible advertising method in the right way.

To create a positive impression on the customers, there are several methods using by marketers to create customer interest as a method of increasing the power of advertising.

Entertainment – Attracting customers through entertainment is considered the primary aim of advertising. Advertising is tied with creativity and thinking outside the box. It is identified that an interesting and entertaining advertisement is more likely to be remembered by the people than a regular advertisement. Due to this reason, most marketers are using humor as an attraction point to catch customer attention. However, managing the humor in the advertisement should be done in an extremely careful manner. The marketers should make sure that the advertisements are not creating any harm to any human sector in society.

Familiarity – Creating familiarity is another aim of advertising. Through advertising, the marketers are trying to familiarize the product to the customers by making an impression that the product is necessary for the customer’s daily lifestyle. It emphasizes the benefits of using the product and creates an idea that the customer must use the product.

Based on the above factors, the power of advertising can be identified as a way of creating needs in the customer with the aim of achieving a competitive advantage for the product or the service.

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