Work habits of Millennials – 7 Characteristics

Work habits of Millennials

Work habits of millennials show noticeable differences compared to other generations in the workforce. Millennials are slowly dominating the current workforce. Since they are a major part of the technological advancements in the rapidly changing business environment, millennials are considered as a generation who changed the business world. Born between 1981 – 1996, millennials or generation Y is considered as the most pampered generation in the workforce. Raised under careful supervision and being taught as the best in the society

01. Attraction to new technology

Millennials are a generation who got exposed to the wave of technological advancements. They are having expert knowledge of the new additions to the technology and willing to use their knowledge and not hesitant to use that knowledge for the betterment of the organization as well as for personal development. Work habits of Millennials show quick adapting to the changing systems is not difficult for them and they enjoy learning new technology changes.

02. Work-life balance

Unlike the silent generation and the baby boomers, millennials value work-life balance. They expect time away from work and enjoying themselves with friends and family. Personal life happiness and healthy social relationships are important to them just as the wok. This makes them continuous seekers of work-life balance and they would even consider changing the employment if they feel like they are unable to have work-life balance in their current job role.

03. Changes in working culture

The work habits of millennials have created a significant impact on the working culture. Millennials are good at connecting with people and they work against traditional distant work relationships. They challenge the traditional sink-or-swim environment and always motivate colleagues for better achievement.

04. Seek for challenges

Millennials are considered as challenge takers. They are always open to new challenges. as they are very ambitious in everything they do, most of the millennials perform better than the elder generations in the workplace. They don’t want to feel stagnated in one job role for a long period of time and expect to move up faster in the career ladder. If they feel like there are no opportunities for them to grow in the current organization, they would change their employment without hesitation.

05. Positive impact on society and the environment

Millennials are considered about leaving a better environment for future generations. They actively engage in different environmental protection campaigns such as re-forestation, Beach cleanups, and waste reduction campaigns to create a better environment. Apart from that millennials encourage sustainable living standards for good health as well as to minimize pollution. Millennials believe in contributing to increasing the living standards of the people who are in need. They engage in various Corporate Social Responsibility programs to empower the people who are not privileged and for the people in need.

06. Attention

Millennials are expecting constant attention. They are innovative and always seek to create something new to make the processes easy. They expect constant admiration from the supervisors or management as it acts as a major motivation for them. Millennials’ expectation of feedback has created changes in organizational culture as it helps to improve employee productivity.

07. Multitaskers

Millennials are multitaskers. They can concentrate on a few things at once and they can perform a few tasks at the same time. Around 35% of millennials worldwide are recognized as individuals who run own businesses apart from their day job. They can concentrate on both at the same time and achieve success in both. They use innovative skills in multitasking and their hard-working abilities to manage a few tasks at once.

The above-mentioned characteristics are commonly identified as work habits of millennials. These work habits have created a significant change in organizational culture in driving the organization’s culture for modern style. As generation Z is also joining with the workforce, millennials have a huge responsibility in creating a pleasant and better working environment for future generations

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