Change Management

Change Management

When an organization changes its policies and procedures employees also have to change their job roles according to the changing organizational policies. Change is usually a difficult thing for any human being. To make the changing process easier the concept of change management has evolved.  Change management is a concept which helps people to adapt to changes easily. It helps the employees to equip themselves for the change and make them prepare for unexpected situations that occur with change.

The intention of this concept is to create an employee-friendly environment. This is intended to encourage and empower employees to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Managing the consequences of a change occurred is a complicated task as each individual employee is different. The thinking pattern and the way each and every employee is adapting to change is different. Through the change management concept, each employee is motivated and supported to contribute to achieving the planned organizational targets. This works as a guidance or counseling process to reduce employee turnover which occurs due to difficulty in adapting to changes.

This concept can help employees in different ways and it can be applied to three types of social status.

Individual change management

Each and every individual’s behavior is different from one another. The way they think about an incident and the way they respond to changes is also different from person to person. Some employees are capable of handling the change well while some are struggling to adapt to new cultures, policies or procedures. To help the employees who are in need of change, the concept of individual change management has introduced. The process of individual change management helps the individual employee to adapt to the change and to change their behavior, mindset, and skills accordingly.

These can be done through individual monitoring, supporting, counseling and helping the employee when he needs support. This is one most effective ways of transforming employee behavior in order to achieve its maximum capabilities through change.

Organizational change management

While conducting an individual level change management system, any organization should be aware of the organizational requirements to manage the change. There are plenty of situations where the entire team is struggling to adapt to the change and to build team unity as well as to get used to the changed processes. Organizational change management is required when a team of employees is assigned to the new project or a procedure change. The changes in the employment job roles require the change managing initiative to make sure a customized plan for the adoption of employees to the new organizational culture.

Change managing plan should be implemented to make sure fair job role allocation, awareness of changes in job responsibilities and training and coaching sessions to place the employees succeed in their new roles. The change management process is going hand in hand with project management. Project management ensures the achievement of a set outcome and change management helps the employees to maintain a smooth process change and adoption.

Enterprise change management

Enterprise change management is a concept that helps the employees in the organization to adapt to the changes happening in the industry. This helps the employees to get used to the changing technologies, changing organizational roles and leadership competencies. Change managing processes are usually initiated through management levels by creating an environment where they will guide the employees to face the changing environment successfully. This is usually done through group work, mentoring programs and delegating responsibilities.

This allows the employees to adapt themselves to changes and embrace new technologies, policies, and procedures. This cannot be done immediately and enterprise change management can be easily achieved through individual management and organizational management for changes.

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