06 Good Management Practices

06 Good Management Practices

Management practices are the working methods, innovations, and initiatives that are used by managers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes. It is important for a manager to know and excel in good management practices in order to maintain a good management career.

Maintaining proper management practices is equally important for both the manager and the employees of the organization. The below mentioned are the good management practices that need to be excelled by a manager.

01. Recruit the right employees

The recruitment process is one of the most important processes in any organization. As it is extremely important for the business to hire the correct employees for the job role, the manager has the responsibility of identifying the best among all the candidates.

The employee should be competent in the assigned job role, should be able to adapt to the organizational culture and environment, should be flexible when necessary, and should satisfy any other required qualifications.

There are several steps a manager should follow to identify the right employee for the job role.

– Consider a wide range of candidates – Broadening the number of candidates provides access to many talents available for the job position. It helps the manager to find the best fit for the job role through assessments, shortlisting, and interviews.

– Prioritize the main requirements – The manager should prioritize the main requirement to the job role and identify the candidates based on that. If there are any mandatory requirements for the specific job role, the candidates who qualify that requirement should be prioritized when shortlisting.

02. Ensure employee engagement

Neglected employees do not usually care about the growth of the company. It is important for the manager to find a way to make sure that the employees care about the company’s vision and are committed to achieving the objectives of the company.

Using employee motivation methods such as appreciation, rewards and benefits can help to boost employee engagement. This will help to improve productivity, accountability as well as it will help the business to attract fresh talents to the organization.

03. Maintain communication

Maintaining a proper business communication method is extremely important as a good management practice. A good manager should always communicate the necessary information with the subordinates and keep them informed. Apart from that, the manager should be always open to ideas, suggestions, and feedback from the employees as well. If the communication is two-way, it is easier to maintain a good relationship with the employees while supporting them to overcome the issues they are facing in the business process. The communication methods should be clear, accurate, focused, and effective.

04. Lead by example

It is important for a manager to lead the employees by being a role model to them. Rather than instructing the employees, the manager can become an example for them to learn and follow. It can create a better influence on the employees than telling them what to do. Being the manager that employees look up to when determining what is acceptable in the organization and the desirable workplace behavior.

05. Focus on team effort

Rather than focusing on one or several employees in the team, it is important for a good manager to focus on achieving as a team. It is important to focus on the team dynamics and also making sure that the team is not getting distracted or mislead by one team member’s behavior.

06. Unbiased treatment and conflict management

As a good manager, it is important to treat all the team members similarly. Favoring certain team members and providing them a special treatment can create a demotivation on the other team members and can create a negative effect on the entire production process. A good manager should always treat all the employees similarly. Apart from that, managing conflicts between the team members in an unbiased manner can boost employee trust and can lead to the overall productivity of the business.

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