05 Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

05 Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the main marketing trends in the modern business environment. With the increase of technology usage, the use of the internet has become the new normal in almost all households. This has made the use of digital marketing common for business organizations as a method of creating a strong connection with customers.

Digital marketing benefits businesses giving them the possibility to access the mass market. Apart from that, it creates a strong business and customer relationship by allowing two-way communication. Since the concept of digital marketing is getting more and more popular every day, it is important to identify the advantages and disadvantages of using digital marketing methods to create product awareness.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

– Possibility to reach the target audience

Digital marketing methods allow the business to reach its target market. It gives options to narrow down the target audience to the product’s target market and conduct promotional activities to that particular market. This method is especially useful when the target market of the business is considerably high.


Compared to most advertising methods, digital marketing involves very low cost. A properly planned and well-targeted digital marketing campaign can reach a higher audience with a minimum amount of cost.

– Global reach

Since the use of the internet is a part of globalization, the use of digital methods as a marketing method allows the business to reach a global audience. It can create awareness, increase reputation as well as it can create a direct impact on the revenue of the business. It can be helpful for the business to achieve a competitive advantage as well.

– Ability to receive customer feedback

Digital marketing methods are usually considered two-way communication methods that allow both the business and the customers to contribute their experience and ideas about the product. This can be highly important for the business to obtain feedback from the consumers as well as potential consumers. This feedback can be used to improve the product. Apart from that, this can be useful for the business to clarify any doubts or issues of the customers about the product use.


Since digital marketing allows businesses to build a close relationship with customers, it provides an opportunity for the business to know the customer preferences and expectations well. It provides a vast opportunity to use a personalized approach through direct marketing to create customer awareness and interest in the product. This provides a valued feeling to the customer and creates a higher conversion rate than the traditional marketing methods.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

– Technological equipment

Unlike the traditional marketing methods such as printed media, digital marketing methods require technological equipment for the customers to receive the messages given by the marketing team of the business. The target market should have access to computers or mobile phones, internet connection, and access to digital platforms to see what the product is offering. These additional technological requirements are usually involved with a cost and work as a disadvantage for the marketing team.

– Skills and training

The tools, techniques, and trends of using digital media change rapidly, and developing skills and obtaining training on the changing trends is necessary. It can be time and cost-consuming. Since the marketing methods through digital media are also getting trendier every day. It is a must for the marketing team of the product to come up with creative, trendy, and attractive content to use on digital platforms.

– High competition

Due to the possibility of reaching a higher audience by using a lower cost, the popularity of digital platforms for marketing has gained high popularity. This has increased the competition between the businesses that offer similar types of products and services. Apart from that, the ability to reach a global customer base has created more competition overcoming geographical barriers.

-Privacy and security concerns

With the increase of fraudulent activities using digital media, there are several concerns has raised in society about the misuse of customer information obtained through digital platforms. Business organizations should be highly considerate about these issues and should comply with the rules regarding customers’ privacy and data protection.

– Complaints and negative marketing

Negative feedback and criticism received through digital marketing platforms can create an adverse impact on the brand’s reputation. Since it is visible to the audience through digital media platforms, it can harm the brand’s reputation as well as it can create a negative impact on the revenue of the business. 

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