06 Components of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

06 Components of Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communication is a process of conveying or distributing a unified message using multiple channels to drive a higher customer engagement for the business organization’s products or services.

In the modern business world where integrated marketing communication takes high importance, marketing is not just about providing something creative and original. It is about providing value to the customers by creating a customer engagement to use the product or the service offered by the business. It is important to use diversified marketing methods based on the nature of the target market identified by the marketing team of the organization. The diversified marketing methods will decide how to communicate with the customers to create a curiosity in the customer base about the product or service.

A common belief about using the internet as a marketing method to reach potential customers is that it is a single entity. However, it is identified that digital marketing usually requires a fully integrated marketing campaign that should spread across multiple digital platforms. With the increase of internet users all over the world, the use of digital marketing platforms has become crucial for business organizations. However, most businesses are still using the traditional marketing methods also along with the digital methods as a way of integrated marketing communication to achieve a high level of the target market for the product they offer.

It is important to identify the key components of Integrated marketing communication.

01. Print marketing methods

Even though this is the digital era where everything is done using computers and digital devices, the use of print marketing methods as a way of integrated marketing campaign is still popular. Since it is impossible to engage in a social media campaign or an email campaign without establishing a presence, using print media is a great way to mark the presence of the brand or the product.

Using print advertising can create brand awareness and act as an opportunity for more personalized, direct marketing options. It is more suitable for certain target markets as it does not require additional support such as digital devices or internet connection to read or share the advertisement.

02. Landing pages

Landing pages are one of the most used advertising methods on the internet. When someone clicks on an ad published by the business, the business has to make sure that the person receives the correct message. Apart from that, the business has to make sure that the person who is clicking the ad has an easy way to go to the next step of connecting with the product and building a relationship.

Landing pages provide this opportunity for the people who get connected with the product through internet advertisements. It provides an opportunity for the business to create a great first impression and to provide specific content regarding the product or service.

If the content on the landing page is powerful enough to create a positive impression on the people who click on the ad, the business will have many people signing up for the email list.

03. Banner advertisements

Even though banner advertisements are considered as a traditional way of advertising the product, if the marketing methods aim to reach to larger marketing segment, this method is highly effective. Banner advertisements create customer awareness for a large group of potential customers. Apart from that, the business can target certain demographics at certain times through banner ads so they are seen by the potential customers who are most likely to be interested in the product.

05. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is considered one of the most effective of all modern marketing methods. It allows the business organization to understand customers and build relationships. Since it is a two-way communication method, obtaining customer feedback about the product as well as their expectations from the product can be helpful in product development and modifications.

Social media helps the marketing team to reach a high level of potential customers and to create customer interest by creating various content such as videos, podcasts, and events for the followers. Creating strong connections with customers through social media can lead to an extent to where the customers might market the product on behalf of the company.

06. Email marketing

This is considered as a way of direct marketing of products and services to the customer. This is a more formal way of marketing a product than social media marketing. Email marketing is considered as a more personalized and customized way of marketing that allows the organization to continuously stay in touch with the customers while keeping them updated about the latest deals of the product.

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