Objectives of the Human Resources Management

Objectives of the Human Resources Management

Human resources management is an important process that has major importance for the success of any organization. Objectives of the human resources management can be varied from organization to organization. However, the type of objectives that any organization is planning to achieve through a competent human resources management process shows major similarities.

The objectives of the human resources management process can be divided based on four main sections.

1. Personal Objectives

2. Functional Objectives

3. Organizational Objectives

4. Social Objectives

Personal Objectives

To ensure a satisfied set of employees in any organization, the human resources department should pay more attention to the personal objectives of the employees. The employees usually work for the organization to satisfy one or more personal objectives. It is important for the HR team to identify those personal objectives and place the employee in the right job task which will help them to achieve the goal.

Personal goals can vary from salary benefits, work exposure to career development. By creating a path for the employee to achieve their personal goals, the organization can reach a win-win situation by having a satisfied and motivated employee.

Training and development can be considered as another personal objective of the employees. To be familiar with a job role or to excel in a job role, there can be a personal requirement of training and development. The HR department should be able to identify these requirements and guide the employees accordingly to achieve the maximum capacity of the employee capabilities.

Functional Objectives

Functional objectives of the human resources management team consist of the objectives that need to be achieved in order to keep the organizational functions working smoothly. It includes hiring new employees, training and development, team integration to increase productivity and make necessary changes in the internal functions.

Training and development programs related to the internal functions of the organization take major importance in the human resources planning process. It can be required due to inter-departmental transfers of employees or process changes such as business process re-engineering processes.

Organizational Objectives

One of the main objectives of the human resources management team is to achieve organizational objectives identified by the business. Achievement of organizational objectives makes sure the business continuity as well as the success of the organization. Any organization has its goals and objectives that they are planning to achieve in a specific time period. The activities of the human resources department should be aligned with these set organizational goals and objectives.

Apart from that, the HR team should take initiative in creating a pleasant and encouraging work culture for the employees. This will include the ethics, the culture of the organization, the code of conduct, and the behavioral practices of the organization. Maintaining a pleasant and encouraging work environment can empower the workforce and can help the organization to increase the employee retention rate.

Social Objectives

In addition to the internal objectives that are required to achieve, the human resources department of any organization can have social objectives that they are planning to achieve. These social objectives can include corporate social activities such as workshops, awareness programs, and other industry-related activities.

Apart from that, achieving the objectives of the human resources management team can be helpful in many ways to reduce the unemployment level in society. The salary schemes, training and development programs, employee benefits, and pleasant working conditions and cultures motivate employees to retain in their employment and it also encourages new employees to join the organization. This helps to improve the knowledge and skills of the workforce as well as to generate new employment opportunities.

The objectives of the human resources management should be identified for a certain time frame (usually for one year) and plan accordingly to achieve the set objectives. The success of the organizational activities should be aimed at the achievement of any objective.

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