Brand Attitude and Its Importance to the Purchase Intention of Customers

Brand Attitude and Its Importance to the Purchase Intention of Customers

Brand attitude is the customer opinion towards a product or a service identified through a conducted market research. Branding carries major importance in the success of any product or service in the market. As it works as a unique identifier for a product in the market, allowing customers to identify the product from all the available competitive products.

brand attitude is considered as a customer’s state of mind that allows them to filter a product or a service through all the available options for them. It carries two major components.

1. The strength of positive or negative feeling that a customer has based on their experience regarding a particular brand

2. The confidence that the product has about the positive or negative feeling is accurate

This explains how much the customer prefers the brand over the other competitive brands in the industry. This like or dislike of the customer can lead to their perception about the brand as well as the usage of the brand as a habit.

The concept of brand attitude is important for both businesses as well consumers. Creating a positive brand attitude towards consumers can help businesses in many ways.

1. Increase sales due to higher number of customer attraction towards the brand

2. Easy to achieve competitive advantage due to highlighting of the brand amongst the competitive brands in the industry

3. Helps for the long term growth of the brand

4. Benefits in expanding market, as well as the product range as the brand, has a positive customer attitude

Creating a positive brand attitude in the market can create short-term as well as long-term benefits for the brand. To achieve a positive brand attitude, a company must identify the unmet customer expectations in the target market and the ways of fulfilling the needs through the branded product. There are many aspects a brand should consider when creating a positive brand attitude for their products.

1. Identify customer expectations from the brand. The business should conduct proper market research and identify the customer expectations from the product and the current gaps between the customer expectations and the products available in the market. They should aim to fulfill the unmet customer expectation through the product.

2. Uniqueness. The uniqueness of the product gives a reason for the customers to purchase the product out of all the available options. Uniqueness can be easily achieved if the product is fulfilling an unmet need of the target market. It helps the customers to highlight the product out of available options as well as to create brand loyalty. The uniqueness of a brand can help the product to convert first-time buyers to brand-loyal customers.

3. Value additions. This is considered as a part of the uniqueness of the brand. The product can provide an added benefits as a method of attracting and retaining customers. Value addition to the product can help the brand to achieve competitive advantages.

4. Marketing the product.

Identifying the exact market segment that the product can create the highest benefits is important when creating a positive brand attitude. The business should conduct valid market research to identify the most beneficial target market. Once the target market is identified, choosing the most effective marketing method to promote the product to the customers is important. This helps the business to create a good first impression about the brand and will eventually lead to creating a positive brand attitude.

5. Engage with customers. Obtaining continuous feedback from the customers, supporting them related to their inquiries, considering customer suggestions, and maintaining a proper and continuous relationship with the customers as well as potential customers will help the product to create a positive brand attitude towards the product. As it is identified that the happy customers are willing to stay with the brand for a long time, it can help the brand to create brand loyalty which will benefit both the brand and the customer.  

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